Retail Banking

Banking on Great Service

With the introduction of ATMs, consumers were thrilled that they could do basic banking chores whenever it was most convenient. Expectations are much higher today, with customers wanting to do all their banking whenever, wherever and however they want. Consumers are not being wooed by table stake offerings like no-fee or interest checking but with promises of convenient and exceptional service. Retail banking is faced with delivering more service options and a remarkable customer experience – not to mention battling increasing security threats – all while keeping costs down and profits soaring. To make that happen, the organization must work together: across the back and front office, across all customer channels, and across geographies and time zones. Our benefits-based approach to the configuration and integration of the Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 products focused on maximizing product capabilities and outcomes. For a fixed cost we provide a turnkey Oracle product configuration using best practices to deliver your SOX compliancy


  • Fixed cost based on goal and benefit (i.e. SOX compliant provisioing workflow, AD connector)
  • Encourages efficient configuration of the Product
  • Rewards efficiency
  • Realizes the benefits of using a product
  • Leverages industry best practices
  • Reduces support complexity

Oracle 11gR2 Identitiy Products:

  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
  • Oracle Identity Analytics

This approach allows you to deploy a SOX complaint Oracle Management solution within weeks.