Oracle Identity Partner Guild


The Oracle Identity Partner Guild enables Identity professionals to package their customizations and sell them in the global market.

The Partner contributing their customization to the library set the minimum price each time the work is used. Clients or other Partners can purchase the desired customizations from the existing library. Clients can also request new customizations or time and material contracts for our qualified Partners provide and Ingenious Ideas will guarantees the finally delivery.

We provide our Partners with access to training materials, best practices, virtual development environments and development methodology for customizing the Oracle Products.

KEY Benifits

  • Training Library
  • Direct client hourly contracts
  • Project based contracts
  • Access to the only Oracle Product customization library
  • Monetize your existing Oracle Product customizations
  • Product Certification
  • Pre-configured Development Environments
  • No Partner cost

Partner Certification

Partners are entitled to Product certification based on their contributions to the library. Our certifications are backed up with a guarantee of the final delivery to the client.

Become part of the Oracle Identity Partner Guild today.