Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 PS2 new features

Oracle has made available the next major release of the Identity Access Management suite. I have created a installation video Oracle Identity Manager Install

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by Gregory Howe (1/24/2014)

The following are the major new features.

New Oracle Identity Manager features:

New Oracle Access Management features:

New Oracle Adaptive Access Manager features:

New Oracle Privileged Account Manager features:

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  • Added a plug-in framework that enables you to extend and customize Oracle Privileged Account Manager
    • Validate and manipulate data before Oracle Privileged Account Manager performs operations
    • Perform specific actions after Oracle Privileged Account Manager completes its operations
    • Register and manage plug-ins through the Oracle Privileged Account Manager Console, command line, or RESTful interface
    • Integrate Oracle Privileged Account Manager with third-party systems such as wallets, ticket management systems, and audit systems
  • Oracle Privileged Session Manager to manage the privileged sessions to the target system
  • opsmconfig configuration object that represents the configuration information for Session Manager servers

New Oracle Fusion Middleware features:

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